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ORAM annual report 2019

In 2019, ORAM doubled down on our mission to advocate for and protect LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees globally - delivering legal assistance, advancing economic inclusion through livelihood programs, building coalitions, spearheading work in new countries, championing the rights of LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees and promoting sustainable solutions. The report showcases the life-changing work of our staff and volunteers around the world.

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Soap Business Impact Report

Kakuma Refugee Camp, in northwest Kenya, is home to hundreds of East African LGBTIQ refugees, who have fled from Uganda, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Burundi. The crises ebb and flow, but one thing remains the same – LGBTIQ refugees struggle to survive in the camp. Read ORAM's Impact Report to learn more about how we support the community on the ground in Kakuma. 

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ORAM annual report 2020

In 2020, ORAM provided critical COVID-19 information, resources and emergency support to the communities we serve; continued to provide legal assistance and developed new innovative ways to connect with our beneficiaries; championed the rights of LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees on the global stage; and developed economic livelihood opportunities that provide a path forward for LGBTIQ

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“Since we started the livelihood empowerment program with ORAM, I am encouraged by the smiles and enthusiasm of the new trainees and stories of hope.” 

—  Brian, Upper Rift Minorities