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Corporate Engagement


Partnership for Impact

We believe in the power of shared value. Corporations play an essential role in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in today’s world and solving complex global challenges. 

Why work with us?

Working with ORAM is a brilliant way for your business to engage your team, support our programs, and unite stakeholders behind a vital mission. 

Explore the many ways to partner with ORAM:



Is your organization interested in making an impact that matters through mentorship? 


Learn more about how your employees can mentor LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees by contacting us in the form below.  

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Employee Volunteering   

We can engage your ERGs and staff through fundraising, volunteering and events, building personal and professional skills and boosting morale.  We have a range of volunteer roles to suit staff at all levels. 


Impact Investment 

You can choose to support a specific program, country or emergency campaign by making a company donation, sponsoring an event or by donating products or professional expertise.  



A fun new way to engage your team and ERG groups. Purchase one-hour workshop, providing employees with engaging educational material about LGBTIQ migration and how to get involved.  

Mentorship Guide For LGBTIQ Refugees

This guidebook is intended to provide companies with guidance on how to establish and implement professional mentorship programs for LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers. LGBTIQ employees and allies at these companies will have the opportunity to utilize mentorship to help LGBTIQ refugees strengthen their professional skills, understand cultural workplace norms, and develop a strategy for their career trajectory. This guide includes a section for Mentorship Coordinators at companies on how to set up a mentorship program, training materials for mentors, and resources for four mentor-mentee meetings.

Meet our Partners

We are proud to work with a number of fantastic partners who play a vital role in supporting our work. 


Benefits of becoming an ORAM partner

  • Achieve social impact around issues that are relevant to ORAM and LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers globally

  • A demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion

  • Inspire and unite your employees

Interested in exploring a partnership?

ORAM will use the information in this form to understand more about your organization and make sure the right person gets in touch. Once you have submitted the form, a member of the team will contact you about our partnership.  

What type of partnership are you interested in?
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