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Sustaining the Sector

ORAM supports the sector with sustainable partnerships, collaboration, and advocacy to drive sustainable solutions to the challenges facing LGBTIQ refugees. 

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Inclusion Training

ORAM's inclusion training program helps organizations understand the unique challenges faced by LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers. Through training, we aim to make mainstream refugee programming more inclusive for the displaced LGBTIQ community. Our training involves stakeholders from LGBTIQ organizations, local refugee serving organizations, international humanitarian organizations and local authorities who serve displaced persons. 

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Capacity Building

ORAM utilizes capacity building activities to support and develop local grassroots movements and civil society organizations (CSOs), including queer, refugee-led organizations. Through mentorship, peer learning sessions, networking opportunities, and tool development, ORAM proudly assists local organizations in better serving their communities.  


Hub for Global LGBTIQ Issues & Support

ORAM serves as a hub to connect queer refugees with stakeholders, funders and collaborators in the space. We connect LGBTIQ refugees - with the support, resources and advocates they need to live safe and empowered lives. For instance, ORAM's guide for LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers in Mexico City allows individuals to access vital information, resources, and support networks tailored to the unique needs of this community. 

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