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The Joining of Forces

ORAM worked with JP Morgan’s Force for Good team for 8 months to develop a tech solution. The JP Morgan team assisted ORAM in mapping and designing its digital website to streamline its channel of resources and information to the site’s three main users –LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees, supporters and refugee professionals in the field. The new website presents up-to-date information about ORAM, our work, ways to get involved, critical research and essential asylum information. Hear from Laura, one of the amazing members of the Force for Good team.

1) Why did you join the Force of Good program?

We were given the opportunity to help out a non-profit alongside our day-to-day job as part of the Software Engineer Program and I thought it would be a great opportunity. It would let me get experience with different technologies, and it would let me dedicate resources to a non-profit so that they can dedicate themselves to their mission rather than have to worry about tech-related work.

2) How would you describe your experience working with the ORAM team?

The ORAM team has been amazing, incredibly helpful and receptive. They have been there every step, listening to us and giving us feedback on what was working and what they wanted changed. It made the process incredibly rewarding as we could make sure the website fitted the organization’s needs.

3) Why does ORAM’s mission resonate with you? (Mission: ORAM protects and empowers LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees globally, creating sustainability and systemic change.)

Being a trans woman, the mission of ORAM really spoke to me. I haven't had to deal with countries abandoning me and judging me, but I have friends that have dealt with the hardships of a world that sees LGBTIQ people as threats and it just feels unjust. Seeing ORAM on the list of non-profits we could work with and reading about their mission, I felt a huge connection. I lost family members when I came out and it was extremely painful but at least I had a safe place to exist, and I am glad to be able to help the little that I can to make the world a safer place for everyone.

4) What was something interesting you learned through this process with ORAM?

I learned a ton about ORAM and Wix, but most importantly I learned a lot about the struggles many LGBTIQ individuals are experiencing in some countries and that really made me want to do better and change the world how I can.

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Jun 04, 2021

Go Laura and team! Rocking it!

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