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ORAM is proud to announce the addition of Peter “Pini” Altman as its development director and head of the San Francisco office.

Peter is a longtime LGBTI activist and experienced nonprofit leader with nearly a two decades of experience.

Peter has a successful record spearheading development campaigns engaging individual donors and foundations. He has also led teams producing successful education efforts.

“The horrible situation that LGBT refugees must confront on a daily basis is what is driving me to succeed,” he said, looking forward to bringing his fundraising and event planning expertise to ORAM.

“I hope to raise ORAM’s visibility, raise awareness of the plight of LGBT refugees, and of course, to raise funds.”

He worked extensively on the No on Prop 8, the contentious battle against opponents of marriage equality to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in California in 2008. He also has worked for a number of local nonprofits and served as president of the Raoul Wallenberg Democratic Club and as a member of the board of directors of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club.

Prior to becoming a nonprofit professional, Peter was an activist for ACT UP San Francisco and Queer Nation in the 1990s soon after he claimed San Francisco as his home and before becoming a proud gay parent, which brought him to advocating on behalf of LGBTI parents. He has also spent time as an international journalist working abroad and a tour guide.

Peter earned a M.A. in Arab Studies from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. He received a fellowship to study Arab Studies at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Peter received a B.A. in Middle Eastern Languages and Literature from New York University.

Peter lives in San Francisco with his partner, Ken Bukowski, of 25 years and their 15-year old son, Yossi.

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