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Almost all refugees in Europe come from countries where sexual and gender minorities are abused and persecuted. From Syria to Iraq, from Nigeria to Eritrea, governments and civilians alike hound, punish and execute their LGBTI citizens. Many LGBTI refugees leave their homes to escape this relentless abuse. Even more flee for other reasons and must then hide from their fellow migrants.

A key challenge facing all NGOs is how to identify and protect the most vulnerable migrants, including LGBTIs.

The Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration (ORAM) is a capacity-building organization focusing on some of the worlds most vulnerable refugees, including LGBTIs. ORAM has trained dozens of NGOs and governments around the world and in Europe. Based on its unparalleled experience, ORAM has developed a first-of-its-kind toolkit to aid refugee workers in making their organizations more accessible to LGBTI asylum seekers. ORAM is currently offering its Toolkit free of charge to governments and refugee organizations worldwide whilst stocks last. Available in English, French, Spanish and German, The toolkit consists of:

  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression: Essential Terminology for the Humanitarian Sector. (A 5-language terminology guide covering English, French, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic.)

  • Sexual and Gender Minorities: What Refugee Professionals Need to Know and Do. A Sampling of Presentation Slides.

  • Sexual and Gender Minority Refugees Safe Space Checklist.

  • Incorporating Sexual and Gender Minorities into Refugee and Asylum Intake and Registration Systems.

  • Enhancing Protection of Sexual and Gender Minority Beneficiaries and Staff in Organizational Codes of Conduct – Model Code and Analysis.

  • ORAM ‘You are Safe Here’ posters. (A 20-language poster covering the languages of all major LGBT refugee populations in Europe.)

  • ORAM ‘You are Safe Here’ pins. (Available in English, French and Arabic.)

Together with ORAM’s Training Guide on Contentious Topics for Refugee Professionals and its soon to be released SOGIE Credibility Assessment Guide, ORAM provides a comprehensive guide to making organizations accessible to LGBTI refugees. For further information on ORAM, their publications and their SOGIE training program for refugee professionals please email To order ORAM’s toolkit free of charge, please visit:

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