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ORAM brings out the best resources to help LGBT refugees survive and then flourish. We have been doing so consistently for almost a decade. With our supporters, we have made a crucial difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable individuals around the world and have helped humanitarian workers be their best.

Always with this goal in mind, we are thrilled to announce that ORAM has officially joined the American Refugee Committee family of organizations. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ARC has a nearly 40 year history of serving displaced communities from Myanmar to Rwanda, from Somalia to Pakistan. Working in unison with ARC, ORAM will now be able to deliver even more services to those who are struggling to survive and make their way to safety – and to do so more powerfully and impactfully. More resilient than ever, we will now be far better able to respond to the needs of the refugees we serve.

Here is a message from our Founder and Executive Director, Neil Grungras:

Dearest Friends,

Joining the American Refugee Committee family of organizations is a monumental accomplishment. We could not have reached this milestone without your encouragement and support or your hard work as volunteers and friend-raisers. We arrive at this moment with great pride, knowing how far we’ve come and how much good we have done together. Please know that all this will stand equally true as we move forward.

We’re excited about all that will grow from our budding relationship with ARC. As always, ORAM will continue to serve LGBT refugees wherever they need us. With your continued support, we’ll do so better than ever before.

Thank you for standing with us.


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