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  1. How did you start your involvement with the LGBTIQ community? I have been involved with several efforts to support underprivileged youth in the Middle East and Europe. When I moved to Seattle, I started volunteering at youth shelters and I was shocked to see the high proportion of LGBTIQ community among homeless youth. I have been involved with the community ever since.

  2. What attracted you to become a board member for ORAM? Having observed the unfortunate over representation of LGBTIQ community among marginalized parts of society, I was very excited by the work ORAM has been doing within refugee communities. I was happy to support ORAM in any capacity and when it turned out that ORAM was looking for a board member, I was excited to join.

  3. What has been the most rewarding part about being a board member with ORAM? Having the chance to observe the impact on individual lives of those ORAM helps, has been extremely rewarding. We are not talking about some abstract experience but small efforts making big changes in the lives of most vulnerable and marginalized on our planet.

  4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to work with or for ORAM? Take a step and join us. There are many ways to help and ORAM continues to evolve & grow. Whether you can contribute with your time, support financially or through awareness, we are happy to welcome you and help you make a difference.

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