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Latest from the U.S.-Mexico Border

LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees are extremely vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of our partner Alight, ORAM is responding to the crisis by providing LGBTIQ asylum seekers along the border with the tools and equipment to stay healthy and slow the spread of the virus.

We were able to get some much-needed sanitation supplies to our amazing partner shelter Jardin De Las Mariposas in Tijuana who support LGBTIQ asylum seekers as they wait to cross the border. We brought them hand sanitizer, liquid soap and masks to help provide a safe environment for the community.

“Thanks to great organizations like ORAM & Alight whose continued support allows us to provide much-needed services. Thank you for giving us joy and hope in these challenging times” – Jaime, Jardin De Las Mariposa

Update from Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

LGBTIQ asylum seekers must endure living in camped conditions where they lack fresh water and soap while COVID-19 continues to spread.

That is why ORAM is working with our partner on the ground and Mossier to deliver LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Kakuma refugee camp critical and life saving resources. The first delivery arrived, filled with sanitary items like hand sanitizer, soap, hand washing stands and isolation tents for quarantine purposes.

Spreading the word

Information is key to preventing the spread of this disease. With our partner Alight, we have distributed these amazing posters in four different languages.

We still need your help

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to our COVID-19 emergency appeal. We are blown away by the compassion and generosity of this community. Since launching the campaign we have raised nearly $4,000 to support LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers! These funds are allowing our partners on the ground in Kenya and Mexico to prevent and respond to the spread of the disease in their communities!

But there is still more to do!

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