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Inaugural GoFundMe campaign in Mexico raises funds for LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees

A Q&A with ORAM board member Enrique Torre Molina, based in Mexico City  

The popular crowdfunding platform GoFundMe launched in Mexico last month. To kick off GoFundMe’s expansion to Mexico, they reached out to various activists around the country to amplify causes that were important to them. One of those activists was Enrique Torre Molina, an LGBTIQ activist, founder of Colmena 41, and ORAM board member. Enrique selected ORAM to be the beneficiary of one of the first GoFundMe campaigns in Mexico. 

Enrique created the campaign, “Refugio seguro, alimento y transporte para migrantes LGBTIQ” (Safe shelter, food and transportation for LGBTIQ migrants), which officially launched on May 20th. In addition to amplifying the campaign across their social media accounts, they GoFundMe has committed to supporting the campaign in Enrique’s name through their GivesBack program.  

The campaign seeks to raise 400,000 Mexican pesos (approximately $23,500) to provide safe shelter, food, and transportation to LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Mexico City. This will advance ORAM's goal to provide this critical support to queer refugees in Mexico City.  

ORAM recently interviewed Enrique to learn more about this monumental opportunity.

ORAM: How did the GoFundMe campaign for ORAM Mexico come to be? 

Enrique: The GoFundMe team approached me a few months ago. They told me they were expanding into Mexico and would like me to launch one of the first Mexico-based campaigns on the platform. It seemed like a great opportunity to bring resources and visibility to ORAM. They were into that idea, and so was the ORAM team, so it all came together after that.  

ORAM: Can you share why it is significant that GoFundMe is expanding into Mexico?   

Enrique: Because it provides another option for people and organizations to raise money for their causes or projects.  

ORAM: What support, if any, is GoFundMe providing to ORAM in Mexico?

Enrique: They are featuring the campaign on their own social media and finding interview opportunities for René (ORAM’s Mexico Program Officer) and me to promote it in Mexican media outlets.  

ORAM: What will the GoFundMe campaign help ORAM to achieve in Mexico?   

Enrique: The goal is to raise 400,000 MXN. This will allow ORAM to provide safe shelter, food, and transportation for a month for 100 LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in Mexico City.  

ORAM: Can ORAM supporters and LGBTIQ refugee allies outside of Mexico get involved with the GoFundMe campaign?   

Enrique: Absolutely, yes. The campaign page accepts donations from anywhere.  

ORAM: What can ORAM supporters and LGBTIQ refugee allies do to help amplify the GoFundMe campaign?   

Enrique: They can share the link to the campaign on their social media, WhatsApp groups, text chains, and LGBTQ employee groups. One thing I’ll be doing at all my speaking engagements in June is promoting the campaign and asking people to donate at the end of my presentation, so I’d encourage people to find their own ways to help amplify it.  

Thank you, Enrique, for selecting ORAM for this incredible opportunity and for being a powerful LGBTIQ refugee advocate!   

Click here to donate to the GoFundMe campaign to provide 100 LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers with safe shelter, food, and transportation in Mexico City.   

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