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Executive Director of the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration Pens Guest Op-ed Calling for 500 Slots to be Safeguarded for Most Vulnerable

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Neil Grungras, Executive Director of the Organization for Refuge, Asylum, and Migration(ORAM), authored a guest CNN Opinion piece, “U.S. Must Welcome Syria’s Oppressed LGBTI Refugees”, calling on“the U.S. State Department and President Obama to reserve 500 slots for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) refugees in 2016.”

The op-ed comes as the official kick-off of the 2016 Fiscal Year, which began yesterday, October 1st. The Obama Administration recently announced the U.S. would welcome an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees during the 2016 Fiscal Year year.

With the start of the 2016 Fiscal Year, or “refugee year”, and in conjunction with the op-ed, ORAM launched a petition this week calling on the U.S. to safeguard 500 slots in fiscal year 2016 to protect the most vulnerable LGBTI refugees.

** To book Neil Grungras, executive director of the Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration (ORAM) for interviews to discuss the ongoing refugee crisis affecting vulnerable populations around the world, please contact Kristofer Eisenla, LUNA+EISENLA media, at or at 202-670-5747 (mobile) **

About the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM) ORAM is an international organization devoted to capacity-building and advocacy on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable refugees, including those fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

ORAM delivers highly innovative research, tools, trainings and empirically based assessment programs to refugee professionals and institutions around the world. ORAM’s programs and activities are designed to uphold the integrity of the international refugee system, in turn giving exceptionally vulnerable refugees the protection they need and deserve.

You can read more about ORAM’s work by visiting the organization’s website, and social media via Facebook and Twitter.

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