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Minneapolis, MN (July 16th, 2019): ORAM – Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Roth as the organization’s new Executive Director. ORAM is a pioneer in the protection of exceptionally vulnerable LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.

Steve Roth joins the ORAM team from Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, where he served as Senior Director of Global Initiatives. Previously, Roth co-founded Alturi, an innovative non-profit dedicated to supporting global human rights for LGBTIQ people. Steve Roth has two decades of experience working in both business and non-profit sectors, where he has long focused on advocating for marginalized communities both in the USA and worldwide.

Under new Executive Director Steve Roth, ORAM will continue to provide direct services to LGBTIQ refugees and advance its successful education and advocacy work. At the same time ORAM will work to develop innovative new ways to address today’s challenges and meet the changing landscape for LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.

Roth succeeds Neil Grungras, who founded ORAM in 2008, establishing the first international organization dedicated to those fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

As ORAM enters a new phase in its development, it will look to build new partnerships and collaborations with a wide variety of stakeholders in order to address the common goal of supporting the most vulnerable among us. A proud member of the Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee) family of organizations, ORAM will continue to collaborate to redefine how to effectively assist LGBTIQ refugees in the face of today’s most pressing challenges.

“I am delighted to welcome Steve Roth into the ORAM family. His dedication and experience in advocating for the most marginalized will be a great asset to ORAM. Steve brings to the job an exceptional combination of energy, sensitivity and proven leadership and I am excited to see ORAM’s future under his leadership.”

Rochelle Fortier Nwadibia, ORAM Board Chair

“LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable members of our community globally. I’m honored that ORAM has entrusted me with leading its groundbreaking work on behalf of these and other marginalized groups. I’m looking forward to building on the pioneering initiatives of our founder Neil Grungras and working with our teams in Berlin and at our partner organization Alight to bring new approaches and solutions to the challenges facing global LGBTIQ refugees today.”

Steve Roth, ORAM Executive Director

“We at Alight are very excited to see Steve Roth taking over as Executive Director of our partner organization ORAM. Steve brings a wealth of experience advocating on behalf of LGBTIQ people, including years campaigning internationally for workplace inclusion and equality. He’s exactly what’s needed as ORAM works to deepen its impact and support for LGBTIQ and extremely vulnerable refugees around the world. We are eager to begin our partnership with Steve and continue our collaboration with the entire ORAM family.”

Daniel Wordsworth, Alight CEO

About ORAM

Founded in 2008, ORAM is dedicated to the protection of LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees worldwide. ORAM collaborates with local stakeholders and beneficiaries to ensure that its work is built around the people it serves. Through capacity building, ground-breaking research and collaborative relationships with governments, international organizations and NGO’s worldwide, ORAM has successfully increased system-wide awareness and protection of LGBTIQ refugees and continues to deliver special expertise in this constantly evolving field.

Learn more about ORAM at – FB/Instagram/Twitter: @ORAMrefugee Headshot available on request.

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