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#GivingTuesday 2021

Help LGBTIQ refugees build stronger futures today!  

At ORAM, we don’t see our clients as asylum seekers and refugees – we see them as budding entrepreneurs.  


Despite many fleeing their home countries with nothing but the clothes on their back, they rarely arrive empty-handed: they bring with them a wealth of experience, skills and innovative ideas and the motivation to build fulfilling lives and livelihoods. 


ORAM helps LGBTIQ refugees around the world realize their dreams by providing trainings and seed funding that enable them to start and grow successful businesses and become financially independent.  


Meet the entrepreneurs & businesses ORAM supports 


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Chris and Winnie are just two of the phenomenal LGBTIQ refugees ORAM supports in Nairobi, Kenya.  


Chris from Uganda runs a poultry farm with his fellow LGBTIQ refugees, while Winnie works in a tailoring business run by LGBTIQ refugees.  


Livelihood projects have allowed Chris and Winnie to survive, thrive and help provide for their newfound chosen families despite enduring the challenges of being a refugee.   


Your gift today can help LGBTIQ refugees achieve their dreams: 


  • $25 - Will provide an LGBTIQ refugee with the opportunity to attend a livelihood training skills course on tailoring or jewelry making. 

  • $50 - Will provide an LGBTIQ refugee with the opportunity to attend an online training course on digital and online marketing for a month. 

  • $100 - Will provide feed for a month for an LGBTIQ refugee-led poultry farm in Nairobi. 

  • $500 - Will provide seed funding that will empower an LGBTIQ refugee with materials, equipment and training to start their business and make products to support themselves and their community. 


Can you help LGBTIQ refugees build stronger futures today?


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Can You Help Today?

Your support is vital in these challenging times in order to continue strengthening the communities that ORAM serves. Through the work we do together, we can empower people to change their lives.