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Afghanistan is in crisis.

President Biden must support LGBTIQ individuals in Afghanistan

The safety and livelihood of many LGBTIQ folks is under threat.  Many have gone into hiding and others are trying to flee the country.  


There are already alarming reports from LGBTIQ Afghans about their fear of living under Taliban rule, with many saying that they have gone into hiding in fear for their lives.


We are urging the Biden administration to expedite and ease the refugee and asylum process for LGBTIQ Afghans.


You can make a difference by putting pressure on the U.S. government. The U.S. and the world need to act quickly.  

This includes urgently expanding the humanitarian program and:

  • Prioritizing the evacuation and resettlement of vulnerable refugee populations, including LGBTIQ people.


  • Providing and effectively implementing explicit “Priority 2” (P-2) access to the U.S. refugee program for the highly vulnerable population of LGBTIQ individuals fleeing Afghanistan.


  • Ensuring that existing lists that have been collected by various governments of at-risk Afghans, including those who wish to flee because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are carefully safeguarded so that they do not fall into Taliban or third-country hands and are not used to target individuals or family members.


  • Expanding the fiscal year 2022 refugee cap of 125,000 refugees accepted into the United States.

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Read the letter to President Biden

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