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We advocate on behalf of LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees - championing the issues that are important to them, spreading awareness, and working for a fairer asylum system. 


Research & Resources

ORAM conducts in-depth research into the challenges faced by LGBTIQ refugees, ensuring that our work genuinely serves our clients. Our publications not only help shape our goals but also serve as valuable resources for organizations seeking to assist LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers.  


Elevate LGBTIQ Refugee Voices

ORAM partners with on-the-ground organizations and individuals to ensure our work reflects their needs and concerns. Alongside transparent reporting on ORAM’s current projects, we also amplify the voices of LGBTIQ refugees through interviews and blog posts.

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Raising Awareness

Many organizations and governments fail to recognize the unique challenges LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers face, thereby furthering their marginalized identities. ORAM utilizes our expertise to spread awareness with the goal of making mainstream refugee programming more inclusive.  


Coalitions & Networks

ORAM works to broaden global understanding of LGBTIQ refugee needs by participating in wider networks such as the Council for Global Equality, ILGA World, the Global Refugee Forum, Engage for Good, and World Pride.

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