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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

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ORAM works to support LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees during extremely challenging times including humanitarian emergencies and pandemics. We’ve responded to a number of crises over the last years; including the Moria Fire on the island of Lesvos where we provided emergency supplies to those caught up in the tragedy and emergency rent and supplies to LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Nairobi.

As coronavirus spread, ORAM provided COVID-19 emergency response to the communities we serve around the world. LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers face the greatest risk from this pandemic. Many have weakened immune systems due to HIV, less access to healthcare and are forced to live in cramped quarters, like shelters, dorms and camps, where physical isolation is difficult, and the virus can spread quickly and with damaging effects.
We’re working to help many communities protect themselves against the spread of the infectious disease by providing accurate information and resources.


We work with LGBTIQ communities in Kenya, Mexico and Greece – delivering educational tools and equipment so that they can stay healthy and slow the spread of the virus in their communities.

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