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ORAM's team plans for the future in Minneapolis

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Pictured from left to right: Camille Ogoti (Ukraine Program Manager), Anja Limon (Senior Program Manager), Steve Roth (Executive Director), Winfred Wangari (East Africa Program Manager), and Kyle Kvamme (Communications and Development Coordinator).

For the first time, ORAM's managers and program leads met in person to plan for the organization's future. The team gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ORAM's U.S. headquarters and home to its parent organization, Alight.

The weeklong meetings were focused on strategic planning and team building. The five staff members (pictured above) represented their program or expertise at ORAM during a two-day strategic planning retreat with the consultancy firm Penchina Partners, who are guiding ORAM's strategic planning process.

It was also an opportunity for the global team members to bond and develop deeper relationships with one another. The weekly also served as a cross-cultural exchange for ORAM's non-U.S.-based staff to experience some American culture.

Please enjoy some photos from the team members' week together!

Pictured: The ORAM team, representatives from ORAM's Board of Directors, and Penchina Partners during the two day strategic planning retreat. Smiles were abundant during the productive and engaging sessions.

Pictured: The ORAM team attended a Minnesota Twins baseball game. This was an opportunity for the team to bond and experience American culture. Swipe to enjoy pictures from the evening.

Pictured: The ORAM team met with some long-time friends, including former ORAM Board Chair Charlie Rounds.

Pictured: During the week long retreat, the ORAM staff members had the opportunity to connect with their colleagues at Alight, ORAM's parent organization. After a "Get to know ORAM" presentation by the team, ORAM hosted a social reception for Alight's staff.

Pictured: One of the team building activities that occurred during the week was forest bathing. Forest bathing is a practice from Japan of experiencing the forest with your senses. The team was guided through a forest in Long Lake, Minnesota, by Motz Studios, who facilitated group conversation around the experience.

Pictured: Two of many wonderful meals shared together that included impactful and lovely conversation.

Thank you to the five ORAM team members for taking time out of your busy schedule to come together to discuss the future of ORAM.

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