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Helping Refugees to Rebuild their Lives

Helping Refugees to Rebuild their Lives

After fleeing persecution – even before they’ve reached a resettlement country – one of the most effective ways LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers can rebuild their lives with dignity is through the opportunity to learn new skills, work and earn a living. 
ORAM works to promote livelihoods, education and economic inclusion for LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees. ORAM supports LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees in becoming more resilient and achieving self-reliance.

LGBTIQ refugee livelihood project


ORAM collaborates with our partner the Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA) to support livelihood projects in Nairobi and develop trainings to strengthen and foster autonomy within the LGBTIQ refugee community.
ORAM supports the communities’ livelihoods projects, including poultry farming, jewelry making, rabbit farming and others through seed-funding and skills development.

Kakuma Refugee Camp 

Together with our local partner, ORAM supports the growth and expansion of livelihood projects in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Since its inception, ORAM has supported ‘Kakuma Cleans’, an enterprising LGBTIQ refugee-led soap business in the camp through seed-funding and technical support. 
Kakuma Cleans has proven to be a successful mechanism to ensure the safety and well-being of LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees who are exceptionally vulnerable within a camp setting.

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Amplify LGBTIQ Refugee Voices 

At ORAM, we believe it’s vital that we help amplify the voices of the most marginalized – yet resilient – in our communities so we can learn from their experiences. ORAM works to provide empowerment and storytelling workshops for LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees. The program is aimed at empowering the community to tell their stories in their own words. These stories have the power to remind people of our shared humanity.


Thousands of LGBTIQ individuals flee their home each year looking for a safety. Finding adequate and safe shelter is vital to restoring personal security, self-sufficiency and dignity.
ORAM helps provide safe shelter for LGBTIQ asylum seekers in need. With our partner Alight, ORAM is helping support a new program called Pedacito de la Tierra to create sustainable spaces of hope and refuge for people experiencing migration, beginning at the U.S./Mexico border.

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Education and life skills

Lack of access to education and access to skills trainings can undermine people’s potential to have successful futures. ORAM provides LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees with safe, quality educational and vocational opportunities that help them learn the skills they need to survive and thrive.
ORAM provides LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees with language courses to develop their skills and help them gain digital literacy and computer skills to prepare them for the work market. ORAM supports LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees with mentorship which can be incredibly beneficial in helping LGBTQ refugees in finding work and advancing their careers.

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