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Championing the rights of LGBTIQ refugees

Championing the rights of LGBTIQ refugees

We advocate on behalf of LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees – championing the issues that are important to them, spreading awareness and working for a fairer asylum system.



ORAM advocates for the expedited resettlement of vulnerable LGBTIQ refugees from transit countries and countries of first asylum. ORAM has worked with UNHCR and resettlement agencies to ensure that extremely vulnerable clients from countries like Turkey, Jordan, Kenya and South Africa reached safety by ensuring their resettlement to countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia and countries within the EU.

Research and resources

ORAM develops cutting edge research, reports and other technical documents on the issues that affect LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees. To read our research and resources, click the image.


Campaigning and Awareness

ORAM has trained thousands of refugee professionals around the world, including a number of UNHCR field offices, IOM, IRC and local governmental agencies. Trainings sensitize frontline workers and decision-makers to the issues surrounding queer migration and credibility assessment of SOGIE asylum claims.
ORAM is dedicated to creating awareness around the challenges that LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees face. We create timely campaigns on specific issues to help increase the knowledge around LGBTIQ migration including educational webinars, campaigns and online screenings.

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